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Common frequency – Part VI

Freemasonry is an international order?

Only in the sense that Freemasonry exists throughout the free world. Each Grand Lodge is sovereign and independent, but at the same time, although it follows the same basic principles, it can have different ways of transmitting them further. There is no international body that conducts freemasonry.

What is the relationship between Freemasonry and groups like Orange Order, Odd Fellows, etc.? Not one.

There are numerous brotherliness and friendship societies whose rituals, markings and organization are similar in some respects to Freemasonry. They have no formal or informal links with Freemasonry.


 Why are the masons wearing the markings?

The wearing of the signs (regalia) is motivated both historically and symbolically. Like a uniform, the markings serve to indicate to the members the rank inside the Masonic order.


What is esoteric masonry?

Esoteric Masonry is a personal exploration in some of the lesser-known areas of Fraternal society. Some of these aspects include personal development, spiritualism, mysticism, and so on; It may include aspects of its history usually forgotten by historians or participants. They also investigate religious thinking lines that exist on the edge of known doctrine. The investigation does not mean that they work to prove (or infirm), one aspect or another, on the contrary, the esoteric part of Masonry seeks to discover additional sources of wisdom and understanding.

The interest in esoteric masonry began to grow. Not that esoteric concerns have ever disappeared, but certainly, certain aspects have begun to present a real interest.

Look at the aspects of personal resonance with the symbols of Freemasonry and help the development of our faith. It can be rewarding and fulfilling.

But Esotericism does not represent strictly what masonry is, but it is only one aspect of it.

N.B. – the word “esotericism” originated in the French word “ésotérisme”. In Romanian, Esotericism and esotericism are considered as correct and accepted variants, according to DEX online.


Can I leave masonry once I become a Mason?

However, the acquired knowledge will always endure for the rest of their lives. Nothing but the brother’s bond inside the Brotherhood does not create the obligation to remain a Mason

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