Common Maintenance – Part II

Why are you a secret society?

We are not a secret society but the meetings of the lodge, as in other organizations, are private and open to members only. The rules and objectives of Freemasonry are made available to the general public. Meeting places are known and in many areas are used by the local community for different activities other than Freemasonry.

Most Freemason will not answer questions about brotherhood because they think it’s supposed to be a “secret”. In the end, this fact is a loss for the fraternity because every time someone asks a question about masonry is a great opportunity to speak openly about it. Freemasonry is rather a society with secrets than a secret society, but this is just as confusing.

There are aspects of Freemasonry that are preserved and taught only to those who pass through the initiations and ceremonies so that a fair perspective and meaning is maintained. These aspects are not “secret”, but the knowledge that needs to be communicated in a specific and concise way.

Therefore, Freemasonry is not a secret society but a discreet society with secrets.


What are the secrets of Freemasonry?

The secrets of Freemasonry are the traditional ways of recognition that are not used indiscriminately, but only as a member test, for example when the Mason visits a lodge where it is not known.


Is Freemasonry a patriotic body?

Yes, and No. The objective of Freemasonry is not specifically to encourage patriotism. However, Freemasonry promotes affinity to the nation in which the Freemason’s residence has its own. Freemasonry encourages more than a passive interest in the development of civil society and our roles as citizens in it. The patriotism displayed is the result of this interest in the welfare of society itself.

The Brotherhood strongly encourages respect for the principles and laws of the country in which the Mason lives.


Why does Freemasonry not admit women?

Traditionally, Freemasonry has only been confined to men. The early stoners were all male and when the organization of Freemasonry began the position of the woman in society was different from today. If women want to join Freemasonry, there are large lodges limited only to women. In most of the world, dominating masonry called “Regulara”, which is essentially a collective of large lodges that have reached a mutual recognition agreement. This agreement, there is a provision that “Regular Freemasonry” is just masculine.


Why is it said that Freemasonry is a “ritual” practice?

The use of the word ritual is to describe the rhythmic practice of the same ceremonies at a particular time. Often there is a connotation of something sinister. On the contrary, the ritual is meant to indicate that grades represent a determined way to convey the knowledge of fraternities in a repetition.

This means that the same ceremony is practiced with every aspiring so that every man is subjected to the same experience creating a common unifying sensation.


 Isn’t this ritual wrong in modern society?

No Way. The ritual is a common experience that represents the binder of the members.

The use of drama, allegory, and Symbolism impresses the principles and teachings in the minds of each candidate more firmly than if they were simply transmitted in a modernist manner.

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