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Common Maintenance – Part V

What does “make good people better” mean?

Making good, better people, is a refinement of the purpose of Masonic experience. The ritual and ceremony serve to convey the teaching of certain moral lessons amplify the individual reaction to a higher level of their own beings.

Lessons are probably already heard or learned in a moral society. What makes them unique to Freemasonry is that they are presented in a specific format and context.


Are there any topics that are not discussed in the lodge?

Due to the fact that Freemasonry does not concern either religion or politics, the lodge has forbidden any discussion related to these subjects.

This is a strange paradox because, fundamentally, Freemasonry promotes individual connection with divinity, but warns us not to promote a religion or another. About other topics such as work, family, business or other interests are spoken openly building our Fraternal bonds.

In Reality, the paradox is a harmonious balance. The reason why political or religious discussions are not allowed is an ideal one. The Freemason practice promotes as a basic idea a kind of ecumenical philosophy of tolerance. It does not suggest that a political or religious system is good or bad.

The members of the Order are forbidden – under the sanction of Masonic irregularity – to debate or engage in disputes on political or religious matters.


 Is Freemasonry a religion or a rival for religion?

Definitely not.

Freemasonry imposes faith in divinity and its principles are common to many of the world’s religions. Freemasonry is not trying to replace religion or substitute them. It addresses the practitioners of any religion, who have the full freedom to follow their faith and consider the Holy book as an infallible standard of truth.

Freemasonry treats relationships between men. Religion treats the relationship between man and God.

The essential condition for admission to Freemasonry is faith in divinity. The way of expressing this belief is at the discretion of each.

 Why instead of the Bible is referred to the Book of Sacred Law.

For most freemason, the book of Sacred Law is the Bible. There are many Freemasons who are not Christians, and for them, the Bible does not represent the holy or sacred book. They will swear on the book considered sacred by their religion.

The Bible will always be present in a Romanian lodge, but as the order receives men of different beliefs, the Bible is called the Book of Sacred Law. Thus, when the ceremony is referred to the Book of Sacred Law, for a Christian This is the Bible, and for the other participants will be the holy Book of their religion.


 Why do you name God, the Great Architect?

Freemasonry is addressed to those who believe in God. Its belonging includes Christians, Hindu Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, and others. The use of common names to members such as the Great Architect prevents disharmony.

The Great Architect is not a particular God/Masonic God or an attempt to combine all the deities into one. Thus, people of different religions can coexist without them feeling offended in any way.


What is the church’s position on Freemasonry?

In the church, there are factors that misunderstand Freemasonry and confuse secular rituals with religious liturgy.

Although the Orthodox Church occasionally criticized Freemasonry, there was consternation due to the fact that the church attacked Masonry, an organization that always encouraged its members to be active in their religion.

Many of the Lord’s servants were and are Freemasons.


Isn’t Freemasonry just another group of political pressure?

 Aren’t there any masonic groups involved in politics?

There are groups that call themselves Freemasons and who get involved in political problems.

These groups are not recognized by other large lodges that follow the basic principles of Freemasonry and prohibit political and religious discussions at their meetings under the sanctions of Masonic irregularity.

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