Masonic clothes

Common questions – Part III

Why do grown men walk around with their pants rolled up?

It’s true. Candidates must roll their trousers during ceremonies when they are admitted to the order. Removed from context, this may seem amusing, but, like many other aspects of masonry, it has symbolic significance.


 Why do the Freemasons swear?

The new members solemnly swear on their behavior in the lodge and in society.

Also, each member swears to keep the confidentiality of traditional methods by which it proves that it is Mason, methods that they would use when visiting a lodge where it is not known.

Freemasons do not swear loyalty to each other or the girl of Freemasonry. The Freemasons promise to help others when needed, but only if the aid does not conflict with their obligations to God, the law, their family or their responsibilities as citizens.


Why do the “obligations” contain Masonic sanctions?

This fact is no longer topical. When the Masonic ritual was developing in the late 1600 and early 1700, it was normal that the vows (legal and personal) would include physical sanctions, and Freemasonry simply followed this practice.

However, in Freemasonry, physical punishments have always been symbolic and never made use of them. After long talks, they dropped them in 1986.


Is it expected that Freemasons prefer Masons to the detriment of others?

Absolutely not. That would be an abuse of membership and is subject to Masonic discipline.

At the entrance to Freemasonry, every candidate declares unequivocally that he is not expecting any material gain from the Brotherhood. In different stages, during the ceremonies and when admitted to the lodge, the Mason is reminded that the attempt to gain material gain or preferential treatment for himself or others constitutes an abuse of the quality of the Mason membership that will not be tolerated.

The Book of Constitutions, which every Mason receives, contains strict rules that regulate the abuse of membership can lead to sanctions that vary from temporary suspension to expulsion.


Why are “brother love, help and truth” so important?

These three virtues, “brother love, Help and truth“, represent the foundation on which Freemasonry is built.

Brother Love is manifested for all mankind and especially for other masons. Help, in which every Mason has the obligation to comfort the tribulation of any Master Mason, if he can do it, as much as he could. The Mason must act charitably towards society, both economically and physically, and mentally. The truth is represented by the divine, in its multitude and diversity, as understood by all people.


Isn’t it true that Masons only take care of other masons?

Not. From his earliest days, Freemasonry was involved in charitable activities. Since its beginnings, Freemasonry has provided support, not only for the widows and orphans of the Freemason but also for many others within the community. While some masonic charities specifically satisfy, but not exclusively, masons or people in their maintenance, others make subsidies significantly to non-Masonic organizations.

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