Museum of Freemasonry

Declaration of Principles

Freemasonry is an initiating order, respected throughout the world, with traditional and symbolic character.

Its structures and essence are of the moral and democratic order.

Freemasonry makes its efforts towards the perfectibility of man, the neighbor is considered brother; Thus, through love, you can become better, more righteous, brighter.

Freemasonry does not impose any limits on the search for truth. Freemasonry promotes respect for human rights, respect for the laws, traditions of the homeland and universal culture.

Freemasonry makes front against terrorism, corruption, organized crime, drugs, ignorance, violence, dishonor between people and peoples, against atheism.

Propose dialogue and tolerance, build bridges that approach, mitigating what separates us.

The Universal Freemasonry created the modern democracy that it proclaims and defends. It contributed relentlessly to the advancement of mankind, created bodies for the defeat of nations, bodies of a universal character as a guarantee of peace and understanding among nations of people fighting for diminishing oppression and abuse. He institutionalized the proclamation of human rights.

Romanian Freemasonry has ancient roots comparable to the universal one, it plays a fundamental role in the creation and activity of the national State of the United and sovereign modern Romanian.

The Romanian Masons contributed to the development of a society, to the realization of the unification of the Principalities, to the conclusion of the peace treaties, which legitimated the independence and the Great Union, at the first steps of joining NATO structures that fight against world terrorism, As a just and essential right to the Romanian territories.

Today’s Freemasonry carries out its activity in an era of information that produced fantastic mutations both in life, in the way to penetrate things, to understand the man in his depths and in the inter-human relationships.

Modern Freemasonry is not a secret society; its noble goals are publicly known. The entrance to the order is permitted to any man free and of good morals, which through work, perseverance and honor have earned the esteem and respect of society.

To be a Mason you must believe in God, I enter the glory of the Great Architect of the universe, in his will revealed, in the immortality of the soul, to love your homeland until the ultimate sacrifice, to love and respect your family and order as yourself.

The opponents of masonry remain permanent: terrorism, corruption, drugs, the reins of willpower, lying, cowardice, atheism, dishonesty, falsification of history, totalitarianism and extremism of any kind.

Know yourself, love your neighbor, help him, respecting his dignity, behold the golden rule of masonry.

God, the great architect of the universe, will allow us to approach the brilliance of his power.

Even if he has a legal personality, recognized by the country’s justice, benefiting from all legal rights, the Grand National Lodge of Romania, sits above the secular certification formulations, the obligation of a high spiritual-moral outfit, Unaware that the supreme light of the great Architect of the universe is the essential target that can only be reached by an endless love emanated from faith in truth.

In wars, the Masons have done their duty in full, fighting and dying with a gun in their hand at the holy calling of the homeland.

Romanian masonry has successively crossed four dictators, of which the last, that of the Communist terror, along nearly fifty years of Red night.

There were martyrs and victims, masons convicted with or without trial, arrested, subjected to tortures, isolated unimaginably in the extermination camps.

With the families robbed, the wives forced to divorce, with children banished from schools, the Roman Masons maintained uninterrupted the verticality of the columns on the earth of Romania.

Our destiny was tragic. But in his compassion, the Great Architect of the universe, which encompasses everything and all that is contained in everything and has been and is with us in the realization of our ideals of freedom, equality, and brotherhood.

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