Romania masonry

Masonry in Romania 6002 – 6004

The Grand National Lodge of Romania was regularly constituted of three regular lodges, receiving light from the universally recognized large lodges and continuing the Masonic tradition through the extraordinary convention of Brasov 13-14 April 6002.

The Grand National Lodge of Romania and the Lodges under obedience do not maintain any Masonic or other relationship with mixed Lodges or bodies that allow women among their members.

Masons that make up the great National Lodge of Romania, proclaim the faith in the great architect of the universe, in its power and will be revealed, in the immortality of the soul, in the Constitution and is deeply traditional, the strict respect keepers of The unsteady of the Landmark.

The three great lights of universal Masonry: The Book of Sacred Law (the Bible, the Torah, the Koran or Zend Avesta, as the case) open, the square and the compass, are in full honor, placed in sight, throughout the works that run in the lodges under obedience National Grand Lodge of Romania.

At the Orient, the three great sacred symbols stand: The Eye of God in the sacred triangle, the sun, and the moon, on one side of him, patronizing from the Orient the ranks of brothers corresponding to the two fundamental columns J and B.

At the Grand National Lodge of Romania, on the wall corresponding to the position of the sun, towards the Orient, is the banner of the National Grand Lodge of Romania, and the one corresponding to the moon is flying the tricolor of Romania.

Solemnly and sacredly, any initiated in masonry will lodge the oath with the left hand and the gaze placed on the Book of the Sacred Law Open, on the Square and on Compass, to vibrate in harmony between the word and the sacredness of the divine.

The Grand National Lodge of Romania has full Masonic sovereignty throughout Romania, on the Lodge under its obedience. It governesses itself, having absolute power over the work of the Three degrees: Apprentice, fellow craft, master.

The Grand National Lodge of Romania does not share its authority with any other Masonic or secular power over the three mentioned degrees and no dignitary in the leadership of any rite can hold in parallel the dignities and functions in Grand Lodge Council National of Romania.

The Grand National Lodge of Romania authorizes the operation in the territory it governesses the rites of perfection, universally accepted.

The Grand National Lodge of Romania and the lodges under his obedience, during the ritual targets, prohibit political, religious or business discussions.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry, working on the territory of Romania must represent the moral, material and social support column of the Roman nation. Masonry, through its work, contributes to the guarantee of citizenship rights and respect of our nation in the world.

The Grand National Lodge of Romania participates actively in the daily life of Romania.

Today we have a peasant lodge, which works for the material, social lifting of the Romanian village. We are about to establish new peasant triangles, in other points of the country, at Putna, Teleorman, Maramures.

Masonry aims to strive for the Roman peasant, becoming a farmer, to carry out some micro-farms, with increased efficiency, with mechanical means of work, with increased and competent support of State bodies.

I said it before, the Roman peasant must not be searched in ballads, in folk art museums, nor in literature.

The Roman peasant has always constituted the most poof class. He threw the screed, he fired his elbows, half the year he had to hibernate. Masonry is the role to make peasant contemporary the era, conscious that it is a force that can accomplish enormously so that the country, the whole nation to go well, thus restoring a balance between the village and the city.

We have clergy who has given full opposition to suffering and death in prisons and forced labor camps, whose memory still shakes the horror, but has now dimmed and continues to fade, becoming history, subject to discussion in great gatherers Philosophizing.

We Romans are, the nation in most of them, Orthodox Christians. I didn’t oppress the other cults, never. I did not tear down the churches under papal care with the cannon as it did at the Habsburg order, General Bem.

It is desirable to have Mason’s priests, whom we call to know, to know our ideals and efforts for the Union and respect of other religions. The priests of our country must know that to become a Mason you must believe in God, you must love your neighbor as yourself, must know that we speak to the world through deeds, that the good we do in the mystery, as I preach Our Holy Scriptures.

Our priests, our respected priests must know that masonry fully repudiates the sects that have teeming our faith and our country.

Pope John Paul said: “The church should open its windows so as to see outside, but especially to allow the fresh air to enter inside.

Perhaps only in former Russia, faith was so oppressed as it was to us. Let’s not forget that the effort of communism was for the Roman people to become atheists. In the light of these historical realities must be reexamined spirituality both in the contemporary complex and in the perspective of some of the beginnings of which are seen through the fog, through which the state ship is slowly advancing, with care not to end the rocks. A fog has been placed on the world, through which a serious confrontation has not yet been known to mankind when the opponent is no longer a pipe of cannon but is a delusion, when terrorist hands shake the atomic weapon, stir the chemical war when agitated virus killers at No one knows the antidote. At this time of history, masonry on the territory calls the brothers to stand tight shoulder to shoulder, next to each other, to continue to lead our positive intake, that once again I say, take care of the place we deserve in the world.

Our call has addressed and is aimed at youth, it addresses students from all areas of research and we are glad to have had the audience. The Lodge of students, the lodge “Mihai Eminescu” enthusiastically took the being. Second Lodge, Nichita Stanescu is being constituted.

We have a youth on all the highly endowed plans, a generation is announced on the horizon with the runway on Eugen Ionesco, the root of Slatina, Beyond the personal race of perfectibility, our fulfillment will not be the whole, then, harmonizing us in the grand work of universal Masonry, we assure you, beloved and respected brethren, of our entire availability, by the chosen sentiment of brotherly love that we nourish for you and all the Roman brothers. Which sat as O’Neill the Contemporary Theatre on new coordinates in full accord with the thinking of the world.

Now, when Raul has alertly stretched its wings over the world when ignorance and its will leave the place of subtler forms, the call to a new expression of our Masonic work, ask to protect and respect the truth, to woo the advance with which The ax of corruption hares dozens of souls, to unite us through the traditional chain of fraternities, from our bodies and minds to that unique wall that only love can strengthen.

On October 31, 6003 a letter was sent to all the Grand Lodges in which the following were mentioned: alongside all the nations of the world we are Romans, witnessing multiple events that continue to poison the peace of mankind.

Beyond the personal race of perfectibility, our fulfillment will not be the whole, then, harmonizing us in the grand work of universal Masonry, we assure you, beloved and respected brethren, of our entire availability, by the chosen sentiment of brotherly love that we nourish for you and all the Roman brothers.

The great National Lodge of Romania continues from the desire for truth and justice, condemnation of any acts of corruption, extremism, or terrorism, this destroyer of destruction that strikes mankind and life filed by corruption – the blood that irrigates and constitutes the power Terrorist act – which is required to be canceled.

We would be honored to understand that we continue the work begun in 5880, regularized in 5993, work re-placed on the eternal principles of universal Masonry, focusing on the unmoved elements of Masonic tradition.

Therefore, in a good and brotherly understanding of our intentions, we assure you once more of our entire worship and full availability to work.

On January 24, 6003, at the Vernescu House, Calea Victoriei 113, Bucharest, at 1200, the Grand National Lodge of Romania celebrated the 10-year jubilee of Masonic activity in honor of the order, for the good of the homeland in the presence of brethren in the Territory.

Europe does not constitute the United States of America a nation, Europe is a constellation of cultures, traditions, of orphans, which the masonry of the continent seeks to give a common denominator.

In this sense the Grand National Lodge of Romania incorporates the works, finding the right way as the five fundamental principles:

  • Faith in the existence of the great architect of the universe, the ritual outfits holding in his glory;
  • The presence of the three great lights of Freemasonry: The Bible, the square and the compass;
  • Prohibition of dictions with the political or religious subject within ritual targets;
  • Non-admission of women in ritual outfits;
  • Observance of the Landmark’s imprecise;

The Grand National Lodge of Romania is the full member of the Confederation of the United Grand Lodge of Europe by signing the accession agreement by Grand Master Viorel Danacu in Paris in the year 6004. The Constitution and regulation are the same as those of the members of the Confederation of the United Grand Lodge of Europe.

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