Masonic Symbol

The landmarks (Landmark) of Freemasonry

The landmarks (Landmark) of Freemasonry:

a. Recognition modes.

b. Division of symbolic masonry in three degrees.

c. Legend of the third degree.

d. The Brotherhood is ruled by an officer president named Grand Master, who is elected by the General Assembly of the Order.

e. The Grand Master has the privilege of leading all the meetings of the order, wherever and whenever they take place.

f. The Grand Master has the power to grant dispensations for the given of degrees at unknown moments (outside the ritual).

g. The Grand Master has the power to grant a dispensation for the establishment and operation of new lodges.

h. The Grand Master enjoys the prerogative of consecrating the Masons “insight” or “under the sword”.

i. The necessity of the Freemason to reunite in the lodges.

j. Each lodge is led by a Venable master and two supervisors.

k. When it reunites, each lodge has the obligation to work covered.

l. Each Mason has the right to be represented in all general meetings of the order and to instruct its representatives on the entrusted mandate.

m. Each Mason has the right to appeal to the Grand Lodge or General Assembly of the Freemasons towards a decision taken by his lodge.

n. Each Mason has the right to visit and participate in the works of other regular lodges.

o. No visitor who is not known by at least one member of the visited lodge can enter the lodge without being examined according to tradition.

p. No lodge can intervene in the activity of another lodge.

q. Each freemason must obey the rules of the Masonic jurisdiction in which he has his residence.

r. Every candidate for initiation must be male, born free and age mature.

s. Every Mason must believe in the existence of God as the Great Architect of the universe.

t. Every Mason must believe in the resurrection.

u. The Book of God’s Law must be present in every lodge.

v. All men are equal in the eyes of God and when they meet in the lodge are at the same level.

w. The order of the Freemasons is a secret society owned by secrets that cannot be divulged.

x. Freemasonry is a speculative science founded on an operative art.

y. The landmarks (Landmark) masonry cannot be exchanged. These are the landmarks, also known as the “body of Masonry“, and do not stand in the power of any man or group of people to make the slightest innovation.

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