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The old debt of a free Mason Anderson’s Constitution 1723

These will constitute the rules of ethical behavior of a brother Mason


∴ As far as God and religion are concerned

A Mason is bound by his attire, to obey the laws of morals, and if he understands the royal art correctly, he will never be a stupid atheist, no libertine without religion. Regardless of the religion of the brother and the manner of his faith, it will not be ruled out of the order, because he believes in the glorious architect of heaven and earth and the practice of the sacred duties of morality. The Masons combine the virtues of power to persuade with the bonds of Brother’ish love.


∴ About supreme and subordinate civilian magister.

A Mason is an ordinary man in front of the civil authorities, wherever he is or would work and must never be involved in conspiracies or plots against the peace and well-being of his nation or the country that hosts him or to behave in a way Unworthy of the Magister. He will comply with the dear heart of any legislative authority, will sustain the interest of the community at any time and will promote zealously, the prosperity of his country. By their nature, The Masons are meant to promote peace, to cultivate harmony and to live in good understanding and Brother’ ish love.


∴ About Lodges

A LODGE is a temple of royal art where Masons gather to work, to train and deepen, in a ritual way, the mysteries of life. Every brother must belong to a lodge and obey the regulations of that lodge, Constitution and general regulations of the order. Since ancient times, no master, fellow craft or apprentice can miss the lodge’s attire without being severely reprimanded, especially when summoned, except if the Venerable or supervisor considered that the lack was made of pure necessity.

People who are masters of Masons or those admitted in the first two degrees of apprentice and the fellow craft of a lodge must be good and honest people, free-born, mature, healthy thinking, moral, all with a record without a stain.


∴ About Venerable, dignitaries, members and apprentices.

Any advancement in the Masonic Brotherhood is based on the personal merit and effort of each, so that the great Architect is well served, under the conditions in which the brethren will not embarrass themselves with their knowledge and the royal art will not be disregarded. Therefore, no Venable or dignitary is chosen by the Masters until after the personal merits and not after the serenity. Candidates should know, without just and perhaps, that no master will propose the salary for an apprentice or a fellow craft if he has not worked long enough with him, and with assiduity the teachings of the degree in which he was admitted through the ritual.

No brother can be dignitary if he is not master, nor worrisome master if he has not worked as a dignitary, nor great dignitary, until he was the Venable master of a lodge, nor Grand Master if he was not great dignitary before his choice, and who must be Was a venerable master brother of the best quality. And for the good, ease and elegance of fulfilling his duties, the Grand Master has the power to choose his own great deputy Master, who must be, or be before, master of a lodge and who has the privilege to act in the same way that he Act as the Grand Master, except in cases where he is present or is interacting with his authority in writing.

These supreme and subordinate agents and subordination of the old lodge are to obey, according to their functions, all the brethren, in accordance with those tasks and regulations, in a decent, reverent and loving manner.


∴ About the leadership of the guild in the labor process.

All Masons will work honestly on working days and will live decently on free days, and the work attire will be established by the law of the Earth or confirmed by the tradition.

The most “skilled” of the brethren will be elected or appointed master or supervisor of the work in the workshop and to be then called the venerable Master by those who are working under his leadership.  The members of the lodge will have to avoid any inappropriate discussions, not to give them ugly nicknames, but to address each other with the caller BROTHER. They must have both in the lodge and outside the lodge, a decent behavior. The master who knows his skill in royal art will take care of the master-builder as cheaply as possible and will use his belongings as frankly as if he were his own goods. It will not grant any disciple brother or Companion a higher salary than it will really deserve.

Both the master and the brothers who rightly receive their wages will be loyal to the order and will fulfill their work honestly, whether qualified or not and will not consider the work unskilled as qualified.

No one will show his envy of the welfare of another brother or attempt to remove him or cast him off a construction site if he has given proof of his ability to fulfill his mission.

When one of the members of the lodge was elected to the Workshop supervisor under the leadership of the venerable master, he must be loyal to both sides, both to the venerable and to the brethren, to carefully supervise the work in the absence of Venerable to The benefit of the great Architect, and the brothers must obey him.

All members of the employees must take the salary with pleasure without murmur or to rebel and not leave the Wormy master before the work is finished.

A younger brother must be instructed in the work, to prevent, as a lack of skill, to spoil the building material and for the brother like love to be able to increase and endure.

All necessary tools must be approved by the Grand Lodge.


∴ About behavior, namely:

  1. In The Open box.

Not to form special factions and not to go separate talks without being obtained the permission of the venerable master. Let’s not talk about something inappropriate or unfair. Not to interrupt the words of the venerable master or the supervisors, or any other brother with whom the venerable master is in dialogue and not to make pranks or jokes while the lodge is concerned with serious and solemn business and no one to serve, under any pretext, of inappropriate language. It will be awarded to the venerable master, the supervisors and all the brethren, regardless of their degree, the honor owed and will be treated with esteem and condescendence.

If there has been a complaint, the brother found guilty will be subject to the judgment and decision of the lodge, which is the forum of factual and legal judgment of all these misunderstanding by the brethren jury (whether it is addressed with appeal to the Grand Lodge) and to whom we must High, but in such a way that the master-builder’s work will not be delayed in the meantime, in which case a special decision can be pronounced.

It will never go to the profane judgment in cases concerning Freemasonry and without the lodge being persuaded by this absolute and inevitable necessity.


  1. Behavior after the works have been closed, but the brothers have not yet parted.

The brothers will be able to cheer in agape, can be treated according to the material possibility, but any excess must be avoided and a brother is not obliged to eat or drink more than he can and not to be prevented from removing himself if his affairs call him. At the same time, inappropriate or embarrassing expressions should not be pronounced or to create a non-compliant situation or something that could free a free, quiet conversation, for it would shake the harmony between brothers and would vain the purposes of the order. Therefore, it must not be entered through the gate of the lodge divergent or personal quarrels, nor disputes about religion or nation or the Constitution of the State (religious or political discussions) because, as Masons brothers, we only keep the religion The above-mentioned general work and joint achievements. Also, all beings being created by the great Architect of the universe, from Universal Freemasonry are part free brothers and good morals encompassing all races, peoples, languages or dialects, and are determined against any mixture in Politics, which never used to the Lodges welfare and never will ever use it.


  1. Behavior when the brothers meet without being in the foreign face and not in the Open box.

They must greet each other with esteem, according to the instruction received, and use the caller brother. The brethren must share with each other the knowledge of the royal art with patience and goodwill of one another, as much as they will be useful, without being noticed or be eavesdropping, and without one believing above the other or reducing The consideration that would arise to any brother regardless of the degree of dignity fulfilled. Although all Masons between them are considered to be on the same plane, masonry does not diminish any of the honors obtained before, but on the contrary, it enhances its honesty. It is necessary to give honor and proper respect and must bend the evil of morals.


  1. Behavior in the presence of foreigners who are not masons.

The brethren must be cautious in their words and gestures, that neither the most skillful foreigner may be able to discover or find what is not appropriate to be known to him. Sometimes the subject of discussion and conversation must be led in an Intelligent way to honor and honor fraternities.


  1. Behavior at home and between neighbors.

The Masons brothers must behave as a kind and intelligent man falls, but especially not to inform the family, friends or neighbors about the affairs of the lodge and there is a reasonable and wise behavior according to the honor of his own and the old Fraternities, for reasons that cannot be mentioned here. The Masons must consider their own good, not too long to gather away from the house after the hours of the lodge is over. It is also necessary to avoid or concretes so that the families of the Masons brothers are not neglected or touched in their rights, and his brothers do not become unable to work.


  1. Behavior towards a foreign brother.

It will be researched with remembrance of the way it indicates the wisdom and Masonic knowledge accumulated in the degree it possesses, in order not to be deceived by a profane who raises false pretenses and which the brethren will reject with contempt and defiance, but in the same time you’re cautious, so you don’t give him a hint of recognition.

But if you discover that it is an honest and true brother, it will be treated as such and if found in need, it will have to be helped, when there is this possible or will be given any guidance to help him. If necessary and possible, it will be hosted a few days or will be helped to find a host. Every brother is obliged to do something within the limits of his material powers. A poor brother, who is a good and sincere man, will have to be preferred to any other man, in equal conditions.

The brothers will have to be penetrated by any situation of Fraternal love, the fundamental and final stone, the mortar and the fame of this old fraternity. We will have to avoid every occasion any quarrel and disappearances, any slander and an ugly word and others will not be allowed to slander an honorable brother, but to defend his dignity and to be offered good brethren, in all that is Compatible with the honor and goodness of everyone, but no more.

And if one of the brethren is to do an injustice, a brother Mason, regardless of the degree received through the ritual, shall address the lodge of which he is a part of the lodge of which the brother who has violated the principles of Masonic morals. If no measure is taken, that brother will be able to address the chosen or appointed organs of the order, as well as her ordinary convention, and there will be no action in state justice unless the cause could not be resolved otherwise.

As for the brothers who are in the process, one against the other, the Venable master and the Brethren must offer fraternal mediation, but if it proves that mediation does not have the meaning, they will continue their process or legal dispute, without hatred or fierceness, otherwise, as it is used, and will not say or entertain anything that could destroy the brotherly love or resumption and continuation of the good offices so that all can see the salutary influence of masonry, As all the faithful Masons have done, from the beginning of the world and will do so by the end of time.

Amen. So be it!

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