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What is not Freemasonry?

What is not Freemasonry?

  • It’s not a proselyte organization
  • It’s not an elitist organization
  • It’s not a philanthropic organization
  • It’s not a misogynistic organization
  • It’s not a religious sect
  • It’s not a secret organization
  • It’s not an occult organization

Saying what is not masonry comparing it to what it is insufficient proof to show what it is. However, it is appropriate to elucidate certain misunderstandings over it, that has been generated by the indirect testimonials.

Freemasonry does not practice proselytizing, otherwise, it would know more about its existence, its objectives, etc.

It is not an elitist society, the main recruitment criterion being the desire of each to improve itself and for this, financially, it requires an enrollment fee, like any other organization. There is no philanthropic society, no commercial society.

Despite the fact that regular obedience does not allow women, it does not mean that Freemasonry is reserved exclusively to men since there is also feminine and mixed obedience, which are considered irregular.

Freemasonry is neither religion nor sect, but a spiritual approach based on individual freedom and mutual tolerance. Accept Members from all religions.

It is not a secret society because it was constituted as an officially recognized association and its existence and objectives are known to the general public.

There is no occult society because its work is based only on the common parings of its members and on sharing common experiences using tools in a symbolic manner.


Freemasonry is not a proselyte organization.

Freemasonry does not proselyte and converts because its essence is that a candidate feels called to take on the way of Masonic life through the freedom of choice and not influenced in his decision. It is normal for future candidates who want to become Freemasons to feel the need to evolve towards a thinking with wide views, natural behavior by the Freemasons.

Freemasonry is not an elitist organization

Freemasonry cannot be considered a social or economic elite due to the fact that the value and prestige or result from the extraordinary cultural, intellectual, religious and civilization diversity of its members and has less contact with the state their material.

Freemasons are interested in people who want to enter Freemasonry to sincerely seek the road to self-perfection and not a place where the commercial business is held.

Financially, a modest fee is paid which does not represent an obstacle for those who want to take this step.


Freemasonry is not a philanthropic organization

Freemasonry is not a philanthropic organization, in the classical sense of the word, because it primarily pursues the perfecting of its members. But the brothers voluntarily carry out a lot and various forms of assisting members as well as charitable actions towards our fellow people in need. Grand Lodges and many other lodges manage and finance schools, hospitals, old homes, scientific research institutes, libraries, museums.


Freemasonry is not a misogynistic organization

The traditional regular lodge is open to men only. This does not mean that masonry is entirely so. There is actually exclusively feminine or mixed obedience. On the one hand, Freemasonry was born from the medieval system of “Compagnonnage” and therefore inherits a masculine tradition. On the other hand, personal work is otherwise perceived by women towards men. In various countries, any individual can choose to share the experience of the Masonic nature in mixed obedience or with persons of the same sex, in masculine or feminine obedience.


Freemasonry is not a religious sect

Freemasonry cannot be religion or sect because this would conflict with the principle of tolerance and respect for individual religious freedom. Its function is based on the absolute prohibition of the forced promotion of a belief, whether religious or political. If its traditions are fully respected, the entire Masonic organization is designed to allow each member to submit on their own path, enriched with the experiences and opinions of others. It is not permitted that the point of view of one prevails against others, regardless of who it is or if it claims to hold the absolute truth.

Contrary to what is happening in most sects, the individual is free to leave the Masonic organization. Indeed, what it proposes is a method, but Freemasonry does not impose its will, it is a road that each chooses freely. However, if it does not correspond to someone’s feelings, it allows him to leave the organization.


Freemasonry is not a secret society

Freemasonry is not a secret society because it is constituted as an officially recognized association, according to the legal regulations in force in each country on the functioning of associations and foundations, having a non-profit character. Its existence and objectives are known to the general public.

Most of its symbols and rituals can be found in libraries. Freemasonry seeks to keep secret rituals to allow candidates to live at maximum intensity this experience and understand what Freemasonry offers. This also means respect for the freedom of members, as well as the discretion to reveal the identity of other Freemasons. It depends on each initiated the choice of the opportune moment to recognize that it is a member of Freemasonry, Depending on the environment or social and professional.

Freemasonry is not an occult society

The occult should not be mistaken for esotericism. Occultism is based on more or less magical practices while esotericism (which literally means inner path) is a method that is based on personal experience.

Esoteric “as opposed to” Exotheric “, which represents the outer path, whereby the truth is imposed on others. This respect, Freemasonry is an esoteric society, but not occult. The rituals are practiced to propose to the members of the experiences on which they can meditate and work freely. These rituals are indispensable if they do not want the work to be the only intellectual. Not only words make us better, but our experiences.


What Freemasonry can offer

From those previously exposed, one can understand what one can offer to Freemasonry, both individually and humanity entirely. In short, it is an educational guide that offers a way of life and an apprenticeship to learn what freedom is, taking into account the dimensions of personality, emotionally to the Brotherhood, intellectually to tolerance and spiritually to Traditions and, referring to the Supreme Being.

. Allow those who want to follow a more difficult path to perfection. Freemasonry is, therefore, a place where constructive discussions are possible through mutual respect towards each other’s opinions. What unmasks the Freemasons in their faith in the perfectibility of the individual and the sharing of experiences. Through the Masonic work and the active and responsible behavior, Freemasonry aims to give the outside world justice, more tolerance, more kindness and Brother love.


Source: Grand Lodge Alpina of Elvetia

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